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The Business and Enterprise zone as well as the Recreational Zone of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality covers an area of 56 ha 96 a 31 m². It is located south of Kneževi Vinogradi, along the eastern side of the road Osijek-Bilje-Kneževi Vinogradi (road Ž 4042) and the southern side of the old railway line Beli Manastir-Batina. It lies ca. 30 kilometers from the border with Hungary and equally as far from the border with the Republic of Serbia and Osijek.

About the zone

The zone consists of three main parts: Business and Enterprise, Recreational and Agriculture.

Investment encouragement

Purchase of land with subsidy of the price up to 50%, with the option of payment in instalments and co-financing of interest on loans. Exemption from payment of municipal contributions, utility charges, municipal taxes, utility connection fees.

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Fully equipped utility-wise (roads, water, power, drainage); the first and second stage area of about ca. 5 ha, whose parcels are on sale on favorable terms (final cost with aid: 7.00 HRK/m2).



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