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The Business and Enterprise zone as well as the Recreational Zone of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality covers an area of 56 ha 96 a 31 m². It is located south of Kneževi Vinogradi, along the eastern side of the road Osijek-Bilje-Kneževi Vinogradi (road Ž 4042) and the southern side of the old railway line Beli Manastir-Batina. It lies ca. 30 kilometers from the border with Hungary and equally as far from the border with the Republic of Serbia and Osijek.

The zone consists of three main parts: Business and Enterprise, Recreational and Agriculture.

Business and Enterprise zone

Manufacturing and service industry based on autochthonous and environmental products, on the traditional crafts and products thereof, trading services.

Recreational zone

The second part represents the area for setting up a recreational zone and catering and tourism zone. The purpose of the area is to supplement the complex with tourism, sports and recreational facilities of the Sports and Recreation Center “Bazeni” in accordance with the Spatial Plan of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality (Official Gazette 5/05, 5/09) and the Urban Development Plan of the “Recreation Center Kneževi Vinogradi” (Official Gazette 7/08).

Agriculture zone

For facilities that serve agriculture as well as activities that are planned in the first stage. In case it reaches full occupancy, the parcels will be divided according to the location permit.


Position and transport

The MuncipaIity is an area of 248,77 km² and it makes 6% of the total territory of the County of Osijek-Baranja and 22% of the territory of Baranja.


The Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi is situated in the outermost north-eastern part of the Republic of Croatia, more precisely in Baranja, a natural geographical unit. Within the territory of Baranja the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi is situated in the eastern part. The border in the east is extended to the left bank of the river Danube.


Municipal centre, Kneževi Vinogradi, is situated 25 km far from Osijek, 10 km from Beli Manastir, 5 km from the main road E-73, 26 km from the border with the Republic of Hungary, 15 km from the border with Serbia and approximately 10 km from the Nature park Kopački rit.


In the north it borders with the territory of the Municipality of Draž and with the Municipality of Popovac in the north-west.. The total lenght of the northern border is 17 km. In the west the Municipality borders with the territory of the Town of Beli Manastir. In the south-western part the Municipality has 14 km long border with the Municipality of Čeminac and 17 km with the Municipality of Bilje in the south.

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